Datip selects Bryntum components for Plan Tool

DATIP provides software development services. DATIP can realize your software on a project basis or can be your dedicated software development team. We can be your full-service software design and development company, or if you desire, you can manage your own dedicated team.
DATIP also provides a SaaS solution for planning and scheduling on-premises appointments. Our AI-powered planning tool offers optimized schedules for your service team, consultants, pickup and/or delivery service, and any other route and appointment planning.
DATIP's use of the Bryntum Grid and Gantt components
DATIP’s SaaS planning and scheduling solution supports you in optimizing your visits to customers. Our AI-powered tool includes geo-services to simply give you the best plan. Our multi-language tool takes your planning requirements and restrictions into account while lowering the overhead costs incurred by travel times and inefficient use of resources.
While our Plan Tool allows for complete manual control over planning and scheduling, it also offers smart AI-driven assistance to automate and optimize the process.
Evaluation criteria
To give our users the best experience we evaluated different software products using the following criteria:


The efficiency and responsiveness of the product when handling various tasks, such as processing large data sets, rendering complex UI components, and executing user interactions.


The product's ability to handle increasing amounts of data, users, or workload while maintaining its performance and responsiveness.


The ease with which the product's look and feel can be adapted to match the desired design or requirements.

Documentation & Resources

The quality, clarity, and comprehensiveness of the product's documentation, as well as the availability of learning resources like tutorials, demos, and guides.

Cross-platform Compatibility

The product's ability to function consistently and effectively across different platforms, devices, and browsers.

Long-term Viability & Updates

The frequency of product updates, the likelihood of the company providing long-term support, and the product's ability to stay compatible with future browser versions and technologies.


The licensing model, terms, and conditions of the product, which can impact its cost, usage restrictions, and support.

Evaluation overview
The table below presents a comparative analysis of six different software products: Bryntum, Syncfusion, Telerik / Kendo, Angular Gantt, DayPilot, and DevExpress. It focuses on the seven key criteria mentioned above.
Criteria Bryntum Syncfusion Telerik Angular Gantt DayPilot DevExpress
Performance 5 3 3 3 3 3
Scalability 5 3 3 3 3 3
Customization 5 3 3 3 3 3
Documentation & Resources 5 4 4 3 3 4
Cross-platform Compatibility 5 4 4 3 3 4
Long-term Viability & Updates 5 4 4 3 3 4
Licensing 5 4 3 4 4 4
The outcome of our evaluation process shows that the combination of Bryntum’s Grid and Bryntum’s Gantt is the perfect match for DATIP’s Plan Tool.

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Implementing the Bryntum Grid and Gantt in DATIP’s Plan Tool
TAB Planning Software

We use both the Grid and the Gantt in our angular frontend.

The components handle a lot of data and were easy to connect to our reactive interfaces. Also, the operation between the Grid and Gantt works well.

Hooking up our custom events and handlers also worked fine.

It is easy to blend the Bryntum components into our existing UI and UX. The overhead in additional resource and asset files is balanced and manageable.

What DATIP's end-users think
Using Bryntum’s components for our Plan Tool allows us to present a consistent look and feel to our users. Even with a lot of data, our Plan Tool stays responsive. Being able to configure and hook up custom design and functionality, allows us to provide the users with all the crucial data needed to make the best planning decisions.
Satisfaction and Experience
Bryntum provides components that are highly efficient with respect to user experience (UX). Even with lots of data, they stay responsive. Furthermore, their components are highly configurable, they work seamlessly together, and they have frequent updates, so browser update interference is low. Finally, as a startup company, their licensing model fits our business model best.
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